What I Do And Why I Do It.

Hi. My name is Nicole. Originally from Monterey, California, I now live in Lafayette. At heart, I am a small-town girl, having spent most of my life living in communities where being local means something and people still wave at each other. And as the daughter of a world-class cook, great food has always been a central part of my life.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about dessert. The idea behind Itty Bitty is simple: I love small things. Bite-sized treats, little cakes, small plates of goodies. I’d rather taste an assortment of small bites than have one giant piece of something. That’s what I do with dessert.

I also appreciate great, simple style. I like to think of itty bitty bakeshoppe desserts as something your grandmother would make… if your grandmother was super chic.

I also believe sweets don’t have to be full of junk. Good, wholesome ingredients are important. They’re better for you and they taste better. But let’s be real. This isn’t a plate of kale. It’s a treat. It’s got butter and sugar. But it’s the highest quality butter and sugar.

This is what I set out to do: create simple, classic and delicious baked goods.

So How Did This All Come To Be?

Growing up, my grandparents always made 10 different kinds of Italian cookies for the holidays. They only made these cookies once a year and they were a huge part of our annual tradition.

In 2009, after both my grandparents had passed away, I set out to carry on their tradition. I had never baked anything that didn’t come from a box. But armed with my grandmother’s handwritten recipes, I began attempting to make a butterhorn cookie, the centerpiece of our holiday dessert table. It wasn’t easy. But I kept at it. I experimented. I kneaded and chopped and burnt. I frosted and frosted. And many batches later, we had genuine Italian butterhorns for Christmas.

It was a labor of love and in doing it, I realized two things. One, I love to bake. And two, I love seeing how people of all ages react to a delicious, simple treat.

Fast forward a couple of years. After a lot more experimenting and research, I finally came up with a recipe that resulted in the cookie I had in my head. A buttery, sugary treat with just a hint of salt in the back of the bite. I made them for my family. I served them at parties. I brought them to friends as hostess gifts. Soon, other people were calling me, asking to order those cookies for their own parties and gifts. And then they asked if I could make other desserts.

And that, my friends, was the start of itty bitty bakeshoppe.

itty bitty bakeshoppe

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